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What is the registration deadline for team members?
The Regular Registration Deadline varies by season and will be sent to all team captains.  Registrations are allowed after this date, but anyone who does owes will pay the slow-poke registration fee of $70 (instead of $65).  FYI, there are no prorated fees.  Anyone who joins the team owes the full fee.
What is the process for late registrations?
Is there a league t-shirt?
Can we make our own team t-shirts or wear costumes?
What if I don’t have enough people to form a team?
What is the inclement weather & make-up game policy?
What is the league payment and refund policy?
What is priority registration?

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What Is KIFAC?

KIFAC was founded in Denver by a group of friends wanting a laid-back summer kickball league -- an alternative to the leagues that took their kickballing a little too seriously. Along the way the league realized that bringing together people to do fun things created a great opportunity to raise a little money for charity.

Check out this link to learn more about KIFAC, the charities we support and all the cool details you can handle.


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